As a brand we strive for a craftsmanship revival in the fashion industry of today.

We hope to re-encourage society to appreciate handmade quality as well as uniqueness. Thus making the consumer aware of the negative impact fast fashion has upon the environment and even our lives. 

J-ANT. is a slow fashion brand dedicated to textiles development in a much traditional manner. Hereby, we consider the beauty of handmade techniques such as embroidery, smock, silk printing and so forth. Although traditional, we focus much on aesthetics and the somewhat innovative composition of our creations, making every design look attractive to the eye as well as unique and well made. 

Furthermore, we support sustainability in many ways. It is important for us to contribute to a healthier lifestyle by reducing waste and using ethical production methods. Therefore, our collections are momentarily produced locally, in our studio. Importantly, we attempt to have a zero waste policy, therefore often re-using left over fabrics to create new textile possibilities. At a later stage, we hope to produce a selection of our designs in Portugal, the designer's home country, where production is ethical and quality remains high. Producing in Portugal, allows us to make production transparant whilst having face-to-face meetings with the manufacturer and frequent checks on factory's conditions.

By means J-ANT. is a sustainable brand with a great eye for aesthetics.


We focus on the local production of exclusive jackets. These items are unique and handmade by Jessica Antonio in our studio in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Such jackets are often rich in detail and textile manipulations, making it a slow process to produce, yet unique to have! 

Besides jackets, we attempt to reach the interest of various consumers. Therefore, manufacturing qualitative basics like jumpsuits, tops, pants and dresses available at a lower price range and wearable for all sorts of humans.